How does it work

TYPOGRAPHIA™ believes it has some of the coolest t-shirts ever made. We work with creative designers, illustrators; humoristic folks to crank out unique and original t-shirts. All our tees are screen printed or directly printed on soft, high quality, cotton blanks.

What fabrics and ink do you use?
We print all of our designs on soft, high-quality blanks. Our shirts are the softest, smoothest, best-fitting t-shirts available.
They are made of Portuguese fine Jersey, combed for softness and comfort.
All our inks are water based, guaranteeing the softest touch and they are environmentally friendly.

Washing instructions?
All TYPOGRAPHIA™ products are made with preshrunk combed cotton knit fabric. Expect about 5% (about half a shirt-size) shrinkage after normal wash. Wash cold at 30Cº, and don't tumble dry. Wash colors separately from whites, especially on the first wash.

Who designs for TYPOGRAPHIA™?
The TYPOGRAPHIA™ creative process starts with our creative core group who started this project in 2010. After brainstorming, we share our thoughts with our local designers who graphically shape these ideas. We also love to collaborate with other local designers, and are always eager to receive design submissions in our mail box.

Can I submit my own design?
Yes you can, and you should! Please see design submissions for further information.


Can I buy online?
We don't sell online at this moment. But you can always drop by one of our shops!

Is there a TYPOGRAPHIA™ store near me?
We are located in Lisbon, Porto, Madrid, Barcelona and Mallorca.


What is my size?
If you have any questions regarding the sizes or anything else, please feel free to ask. 


I want TYPOGRAPHIA™ to make my tees, can you do that?
Not at this moment. But we are planning to start providing this service in the future.